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Founded in 1998, Kracfive has become (vacation) home to great musicians such as Kettel, Proswell, Colongib, Octopus Inc, and wwcarpen, and runs iron chef of music, a music-making battle with extreme deadlines in which many of the same artists participate. It is an international music collective that also houses various collaboration projects such as the quartet Original Instrument - composed only of human vocals - and duos like colongib & octopus inc and Proswell & wwcarpen. Another collaborative project based on machinery sounds features artists such as Brothomstates, Freeform, and Cex, who went on to or came from places like Warp Records. Kracfive is a strong creative force in electronic music mainly run by two of its founders, Christopher Graves and Noah Sasso.

It came out of swapping tapes of homemade music which was similar to the electronic music put out by Skam, merck, and Sonig, with a playful experimental streak. Its artists forge interesting beats and nice tunes using electronic sound design and a fine ear for field and music sampling, picking apart bits of sound to create new instruments and melodies with a “peculiar technical prowess”. Exploring new sonic lands and sometimes coming across in the vein of the best soundtracks from 1980s videogames, it remains accessible to open ears. The label is somewhat mysterious and have been humbly lurking, embracing quality over quantity, not favoring much in the way of advertisements, self-promotion or explanation. Its imaginative sensibilities and idealism have created a bit of a cult following and it has been called ‘dadaist’ in reviews. It has been described as ‘unique for having a mind-foldingly specific sound; this sound, however, is indescribable.

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  • almerindo_lana

    thanks for the free downloads!

    November 2011
  • hudgie

    super excellence!

    March 2010
  • siliconflux

    Some great music coming out of these guys. Well done indeed.

    January 2010
  • pucone

    my home away from home away

    December 2008
  • wendell3

    ...Is super cool!

    June 2008
  • aghost

    my favorite vacation home

    May 2008
  • aghost


    May 2008
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