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elementary recordings (always written in lower case), is the home of alan neilson (also always in lower case) and a hand picked bunch of outstanding artists based in the Black Country. They are a small label producing work that is interesting and honest. They began life at the turn of the century releasing three records by alan neilson: ‘The Birthday ep’, ‘bear_bare’ (alan’s full-length debut LP, available on iTunes and Amazon) and ‘The Long-term Forecast ep’ (recorded with the help of Birmingham_music.com, now deleted).

elementary recordings was officially born in Dudley in 2002, having beavered away in a bedroom for the previous 10 years, releasing on a very low budget and very limited edition, 4 albums: ‘The Life and Times of Charles A Allen’ by Charles Allen, ‘Life Gets Tedious?’ by Minnie Allen (featuring remixes by The MeKano Set), ‘The Uninhabited Body Parts 1-8’ by alan neilson and Rafael Alberti, and ‘Composed and Collected’ (the early recordings of alan neilson). These were available direct from the label and were free to those that love it and very expensive to those that don’t… they are now deleted apart from through digital download sites.

The label then moved to Stourbridge in 2006 and have released music by Miss Halliwell, Barry’s Attic, caps, Boat To Row, The Mekano Set, Abstinence & Sensibility, j j brierley, The Mallory Heart, Jo Staples and Is I Cinema. All music is available via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Unreleased work by a c neilson “The Cassette Years” is available to listen via LastFM but not to buy due to unresolved legal arguments and family tension.

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