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elapse is member of the netmusic- and demoscene label www.mOOdSplateau.net.

He is doing independent electronic music with influences of the demoscene, low fidelitiy 8 bit chipmusic, downbeats and electronica.

mOOdSpLAtEAU (mdS) is a demoscene- and netmusiclabel with roots back to the old Commodore AmigA era.
The first step to mOOdSpLAtEAU was the HUMA-Crew (HUllabaloo MAchinery). Then in 1999 HUMA formed together with apathy (demoscenecrew) the mOOdS-Series: A publishing-list for music made with tracker-software, spreaded through the internet. With the time mOOdS got a real home in the internet. On a webpage mOOdS released several single tunes/tracks. The next step in the development was the renaming to “mOOdSpLAtEAU” and the self-conception of a netlabel for music and some demoscene-products for the Commodore AmigA.

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