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Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution is an independent record label based in Nairobi Kenya. It was founded in 1999 as a collectively owned soundsystem between punk and metal acts in Nairobi.

Significant operation of B.K.S.P. has been on a volunteer basis meaning they have played a lucky witness to (sometimes involving a recording) the significant moments in the development of musical styles in Nairobi. The volunteers who have worked with B.K.S.P. or who have elicited their help (such as Wiyathi Collective) have done much to support creativity and freedom of expression through music in the city.

Since 2001 B.K.S.P. has facilitated the production of several afro-fusion experiments. With rock: Impish; Scarf Atrocity; Lynx; Zito Zuri; Class Suicide; Last Year’s Tragedy; Broken Acoustic, Haggis with Reggae: Bakawola Foundation; Wantuh Mojah; General Black; Culture G; Jarife Afrika; The Warriors, and fusions of traditional East African music with Jazz and Soul: Radical X; Dr. Inspekkta Rootman; Alvarez Richards; Grand Master Masese; Jodolo; Masimba; Were Wera Soundsystem; Chaka Flame; Samondeiki.

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