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ad21 is the first independent spanish label featuring ambient and contemporary musical forms. This label is owned and operated by Bruno Sanfilippo, and Max Corbacho, since 1998. Our mission is to offer our own music free of decisions imposed by the mainstream, by plain commercial-only interests, and also free of any commitment, which is no other than our independent , uncompromised artistic creativity. Although you can find all our records in a digital download form, and also on most major online outlets, ad21 recordings focuses on the concept of “album”, mainly on the physical format (CD). This way, music and object merge into a final product that transcends the act of listening in a total sensorial experience. So it’s only thanks to the unconditional support of our listeners & fans, that we can keep offering our albums through a physical form.
By buying our albums, you are contributing to help us releasing our music on a CD format as well.


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