Upwellings - Crackles: Discogs review


19 Nov 2010, 19:14

Discogs review by alternating_bit:

Dubby, glitchy and jazzy. This album has a variety of styles blended together. There's no denying that the title track must be an homage to Stefan Betke's Pole project. Despite the obvious similarity to early Pole, at least other elements are mixed in to give it a fresh sound of it's own (ambient voices talking, droning chord, etc.) The rest of this album is true dub techno with heavy bass and dubby chords, etc. with the occasional jazz twist.

It's no surprise to find a Sustainer remix on here, especially since many of the dub chords found on this album remind me of Sustainer's "Cuántico" release. Add other mixers like Ohrwert and The Nautilus Project and it shows that this project is backed up by other skilled dub professionals. There's a track or two I could live without, but all in all this is a very strong work that you must check out. If not at the very least check out the track "Crackles," which to me is the direction I wish Pole had gone after his numbered album series.

Upwellings - Crackles [ECc024]


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