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Established March 1990
Online Since October 1993!

X DOT 25 Music is available (physical CDs) in all Best Buys, Borders, and Barns & Nobel around the world. All of X DOT 25 Music are also available online at Amazon, CD Universe, and Digitally distributed by The Orchard, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Cd Now and thousands of on line retailers.

Established in 1990, for 25 years X DOT 25 Music has been devoted to bringing a diverse collection of music from all over the world to people from all walks of life. X DOT 25 Music is dedicated to supporting exceptional musical talents, from World Trance to World Contemporary to New Age Electronic and Avant-Garde Rock; including powerful experimental instrumentalists.

X DOT 25 Music is proud to have paved the way for successful bands, such as Mythos (Higher Octave/Virgin Records/EMI), Axiom of Choice (Narada/Virgin Records), to major label opportunities. Some of X DOT 25 Music projects have won prominent awards and many are now airing through commercial and public radio stations around the World. Our music have been used in Film and TV.

X DOT 25 Music is proud of producing high quality world music concerts, at world known concert venues. Bringing bands and artists like Axiom of Choice, Aldoush, Haunted by Waters, Yussi, Ustad Habib Khan, Alan Kushan, Parinaz, Parisa Vaaleh, Claudia Villela, Hafez Modirzadeh and numerous others to Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, in our World Music Concert Series. These concerts brought the opportunity for artists and music lovers to meet at such great concert halls.

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