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World Serpent Distribution was a British record label and music distribution house formed in the late 1980s by David Gibson, Alan Trench and Alison Webster with assistance from Douglas Pearce of Death In June. Pearce also coined the company name in 1991, the World Serpent being another name for Jörmungandr.

World Serpent was well known for distributing music by many post-industrial, apocalyptic folk, neofolk, avant-garde and otherwise esoteric or experimental artists, such as Death in June through NER, Current 93 through Durtro, Sol Invictus through Tursa, Coil through Threshold House, Nurse With Wound through United Dairies and many others. Many of these artists also ended up collaborating with or being influenced by one another, causing the World Serpent name to become synonymous with many of the artists and labels distributed through the company during the early 1990s.

Following a long period of rumours, Boyd Rice left World Serpent Distribution. He was followed shortly thereafter by Douglas Pearce, Albin Julius and numerous other artists due to discontent with the label. Subsequently, fewer and fewer releases began to be distributed by World Serpent, leading to much fan speculation. It was confirmed in August of 2004 that World Serpent Distribution was no longer operating and had gone bankrupt. Afterwards, World Serpent settled a court case filed by Pearce and Pearce sold back his shares in the company. Many artists distributed through World Serpent, such as Chris and Cosey, had not been informed by the company and may still be owed past dues.

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