Without Dead Time Records* was set up in or around 2004 and involved, at various times and to varying levels, Matt Spokes, Lee Broughall, Tom West, Chris Stokes, Liam Butler, Daniel Lippard, Mark Burton, Robin Van Rijn, Ceri Jovicich as well as numerous others. The reason the label came in to being was to try and collect together and expose (ha!) the musical interests of the aforementioned characters to a wider world. The whole experience, the limited success, bureaucracy, creative dead ends and dubious finished products under the WDT/VSTM/TSOU labels were frustrating, exciting, rambling and farcical; in many ways, those involved are secretly glad they didn’t get wherever it was they thought they were going. The journey was, nonetheless, an interesting one.

This page will gather together WDT Releases, VSTM Release, Album Art Work, Posters as well as comprehensive lists of performances and musicians involved in the label over its 5 years. It is a replication of the archive page on TISAR. If any information posted here is incorrect, please contact the old label owner via TISAR

The release list for the label is as follows:

WDT001: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Absorbent Kid, Pasture, Winner
WDT002: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Winter
WDT003: Creeping Jaw Society - Remixemedial EP
WDT004: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Eiote Zwn
WDT005: The Fucking Fulfords - Live At The Firs
WDT006: The Fucking Fulfords - Live At Whitethorn
WDT007: Creeping Jaw Society - The Properties of Song
WDT008: Cataahn - Twinkle EP
WDT009: Garcia Dances The Jttrbg - Millionaire
WDT010: Kid In A Drawer - WNDW
WDT011: Cataahn - Untitled EP
WDT012: Tomfire - The Best Of
WDT013: Rory - Our Chemical Dream
WDT014: Cataahn with M J Stones - An Upstairs Room
WDT015: Garcia Dances The Jttrbg - Flame Preparation EP
WDT016: Rory - A Tiny Delight In What Was Known EP
WDT017: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Dawn of Dogs EP
WDT018: Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band - Pram Noise
WDT019: Tomfire - Lincoln 1908 EP
WDT020: Various Artists - VIVEZ!
WDT021: Uncle Mum - Soozze
WDT022: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Last Night
WDT023: Uncle Mum - Make Your Own Hole
WDT024: Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band - Live at The Oil Disco
WDT025: Badgerwood Commission and Liam Butler - Keep The Change Split EP
WDT026: Kid In A Drawer - Kaiyuan Road EP

VSTM000 - Dislocation Festival Sampler
VSTM001 - Creeping Jaw Society - Nine Works for Piano
VSTM002 - Uncle Mum - Hanoi/Berlin
VSTM003 - Canidae - Chapter 1
VSTM004 - Horselover Fat - 1+2+3+4
VSTM005 - Badgerwood Commission - One Young Fellow
VSTM006 - Meek Tiger - 5yNkr07ik N3kr0N124t10n

DS001 - Silk and Dogs - The Death of China
DS002 - Euhedral - 1
DS003 doesn’t appear to be listed
DS004 - Kid In A Drawer - Live in York
DS005 - Oblio - Learning Our Hearts To Play
DS006 - Euhedral - 2
DS007 - Skarabee - Guitar Works 1

*later, VSTM Records

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