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Viktor’s grandparents are born in Pondos, today’s Turkey. They move to Greece due to the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, 1923.

Viktor himself is born in Greece, from a Greek father and Macedonian mother.

When his father bankrupts at the time of the Greek military Junta (60’s), the family moves to Yugoslavia, the part later known as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

It is there that Viktor starts his musical journey, as a blues guitarist/composer soon nicknamed “Slowhand”.

Forming numerous local bands, his interest expands to Experimental, Prog and Psychedelic Rock and later New Wave.

Being Twins in the Horoscope, he simultaneously and secretly develops a great interest in the folk music and rhythms of Macedonia, and later Serbia, Greece and Bosnia as well.

Secretly, because it was unheard for an ex-hippy to dwell in some murky folk waters at that time.

Still, this interest gets the shape of a Greek Bouzouki which soon proves to be a great bread-earner.

On the other hand, the interest in modern music leads Viktor in the creation of the first Hip-Hop band in Yugoslavia who sung in its native languages: Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian. The name of the band was Super Nova. Firstly greeted with great suspicion, the melodic, chorus-rich rap-tunes brought them recognition in the underground scene; as well as successful appearances on TV, radio and most of the greatest unsigned Pop-Festivals at that time.

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