Diamos Roll - Rosecode (2011) EP


23 Jan 2012, 03:31

Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) is proud to present Diamos Roll with his debut EP Rosecode

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Label: Ultra Vague Recordings
Country: Belarus
Artist website: http://facebook.com/dirollmusic

1. Jazz Instinct 04:22
2. Last Night feat. Rusya 03:59
3. Triple Strike 04:12
4. Caramel (dub edit) 03:34
5. Milk Code 06:52

If you are a big fan of releases of such labels as Ninja Tune or Warp this work would definitly fit your taste.
Diamos Roll is a frontman of CherryVata, famous trip-hop, dancehall, live electronic band from Minsk, BY

All tracks written & produced by Dmitry Litvinovich (Diamos Roll),
Track #2, track #4 — vocal by Rusya
Mastering by Alex Shulga

Design by WDFI ,


Diamos Roll is the stage-name of a well-known Belarusian keyboard player, who is usually busy with the ensemble CherryVata. He is, we should point out, not the only member to prefer a moniker to whatever's written in his passport. CherryVata together, with real and imagined identities, have been publishing material on a regular basis since 2004, and "Roll" is usually credited with managerial responsibilities. It's not surprising, therefore, that he might ponder the appeal of a solo venture from time to time, as something of a sabbatical.
And so, in the multiple guises of composer, sound designer, and producer, he now announces a five-track, twenty-three minute mini-album, "Rosecode." It appears not only in the context of DR's professional work with CherryVata, but also against the backdrop of his (entire) biography. In other words, he traces the genesis of these new tracks to his childhood. "When Diamos Roll was a little boy, there was always a great deal of music around. The sounds of jazz, rock, and classical recordings at home were constant. As a student, he would later delve into electronic music, devouring anything he could find. At the same time, he began DJ-ing with cassettes and CDs."

That healthy diversity of styles and performative experience would be reflected in initial solo recordings. "DR took his first, eclectic steps within a wide range of styles - all the way from trip-hop and jazz to rock or techno." That same patchwork aesthetic continues in "Rosecode," with a particular penchant for ", , and ." The artwork helps to set the stage for some appealing and often striking combinations.

A solo project, of course, makes any such generic infidelity a lot simpler: nobody needs to be persuaded. On a related, but more pragmatic level, Diamos Roll has told the Belarusian press that touring as a one-man band should also be considerably easier. It's cheaper than wayfaring with an entire collective - and one is always open to last-minute, voluntary changes in the schedule. Solitude therefore has considerable benefits in a poor economic climate. - (FarFromMoscow text)

"Я понял, как я хочу проявить свою творческую идею. Я люблю джаз, фанк и различную «живую» музыку, но я не могу без электронного скрежета и мощи электроники. Поэтому стараюсь впитывать и передавать настроения и ощущения солнца, ветра, моря, людей, звука красивых инструментов, пропуская через себя, себя как диджея и музыканта, но через холод электронного звука. Мне нравятся противоречия и эклектика, я стараюсь показать и отобразить в музыке радость через некоторую монотонность и жесткость своей электроники. И я никогда не задаюсь целью получить привязку к стилю или получить звук модный, я выражаю то, что здесь и сейчас. Музыка – это проекция жизни на звук

- Diamos Roll



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