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Chicago-based electronic music label started in 2007 by Paul Nielsen (DJ Synctank). Tympanik Audio’s artist roster includes: Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Stendeck, ESA, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Haujobb, Erode, Broken Fabiola, Integral, Geomatic, Flint Glass, Disharmony, Anklebiter, C.H.District, Subheim, [Haven], Fractional, Zentriert ins Antlitz, SE, Black Lung, Access To Arasaka, Normotone, Ex_Tension, Candle Nine, Tapage, Dirk Geiger, Endif, Zeller, Lucidstatic, Undermathic, Autoclav1.1, Opposite Exhale, Pandora’s Black Book, Famine, and Aphorism.


TA059 | Erode: Horizon
TA058 | Normotone: Inward Structures
TA057 | Ex_Tension: Desert
TA056 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 4
TA055 | Haujobb: Dead Market
TD009 | Dirk Geiger: Second Life
TA054 | Anklebiter: Queue
TA053 | Displacer: Night Gallery
TD008 | Access To Arasaka: Orbitus
TA052 | Stendeck: Scintilla
TAPR3 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2010 catalog sampler
TA051 | Famine: Nature’s Twin Tendencies
TA050 | Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt
TA049 | Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon
TA048 | C.H. District: Conclusion
TA047 | Undermathic: 10:10PM
TA046 | Dirk Geiger: Autumn Fields
TA045 | Access To Arasaka: void();
TD007 | Fractional: Blood Remixes
TA044 | Anklebiter: I Will Wait
TA043 | Totakeke: On The First Of November
TA042 | Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground
TA041 | Zeller: Turbulences
TA040 | Geomatic: 64 Light Years Away
TA039 | SE: L36
TA038 | Fractional: Blood
TA037 | Candle Nine: The Muse In The Machine
TA036 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3
TA035 | Opposite Exhale: Nothing Lasts
TA034 | ESA: The Immaculate Manipulation
TD005 | Displacer: Lost Mission
TA033 | Undermathic: Return To Childhood
TA032 | Displacer: X Was Never Like This…
TA031 | Access To Arasaka: Oppidan
TA030 | [Haven]: Plastic
TA029 | Disharmony: Evolution
TA028 | Black Lung: Full Spectrum Dominance
TA027 | Autoclav1.1: Where Once Were Exit Wounds
TD004 | Lucidstatic: Unearthed
TAPR2 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2009 catalog sampler
TA026 | Pandora’s Black Book: Black Brothel
TA025 | Ad·ver·sary: A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky
TA024 | Tapage: Fallen Clouds
TA023 | Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
TA022 | SE: Epiphora
TA021 | Stendeck: Sonnambula
TA020 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2
TA019 | Broken Fabiola: Severed
TA018 | ESA: The Sea & The Silence
TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No!
TA016 | Aphorism: Surge
TA015 | Totakeke: Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks
TA014 | Tapage: The Institute Of Random Events
TA013 | Integral: Rise
TA012 | Autoclav1.1: Love No Longer Lives Here
TA011 | Endif: Carbon
TA010 | Lucidstatic: Gravedigger
TA009 | Pneumatic Detach: [ko·mor·bid]
TA008 | Displacer: The Witching Hour
TA007 | Flint Glass: Circumsounds
TAPR1 | Various Artists: Approach Lights – 2008 catalog sampler
TA006 | Ad·ver·sary: Bone Music
TA005 | Disharmony: Cloned::Other Side of Evolution
TA004 | Subheim: Approach
TA003 | Totakeke: eLekatota – The Other Side of the Tracks
TA002 | Unterm Rad: The Rake’s Progress
TA001 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms

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