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Tranzik F/X started life in 1993 as “Tranzik Toffee,” the demo group brainchild of three aspiring lunatics: Quarex, El_Ergo, and MadPony. At first, the group did little other than release the occasional .mod and recruit new members who basically never did anything, as was the style of the time. Not too long afterwards, however, the group changed its name to the more stylish “Tranzik F/X,” and began a serious effort to release material that was of at least some entertainment value, even if the production quality was lacking. To this end came a series of ridiculous games, screen savers, and other things made by MadPony primarily in QuickBasic, the occasional quasi-demo produced by SwissPope, and of course the even more occasional musicdisk released by Quarex.

Naturally, like 99.9% of all demo groups ever formed, Tranzik F/X never actually made a demo. However, any music produced to this day by Quarex (and probably by El_Ergo if he agrees) still bears the hallmark of “Tranzik F/X.”

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