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The Audacious Art Experiment is more than a record label, we’re a community mindset that yearns for something more than ‘nine to five’ and aim to take back our chosen social freedoms, artistic expressions and community spirit from the companies trying to sell them to us. Music is our voice and the records we make are the product of our beliefs, dreams and desires.

If you make music, or just like what you hear… if you create art, take photographs, or saw some that blew you away… if you met some people who inspired you, or would like to meet them… then let us know, and we’ll share what we know.

The Label:

The Experiment - like most labels - has certain values and rules that were adhere to. We demand that the music and bands that we put out is challenging. This could either be musically, lyrical content, the releases artwork or even the bands personalities. If you’re not challenging anything you’re not living, you will never progress or achieve anything of worth. Aside from all this we do have one other major rule which is paramount and that is NO DICKHEADS!


The Audacious Art Experiment was started by Ben Lane in the summer of 2002, he built it up from nothing into a succesful label with some really amazing releases. Not long after Ben put out the first cd he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Sadly, aged 21, he passed away on November 20th 2004 after fighting the illness for over two years.

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