Valentines Day Top Tens


16 Feb 2009, 00:22

Here are a couple of top tens for Valentines Day, we'll put more up as the rest of us think of them.

If you got any let us know!

#1 I Got You Babe- Joey & Holly Ramone
#2 Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart-Patrik Fitzgerald
#3 Heart-The Remains
#4 Fairy Tale of New York-The Pogues
#5 Baby Baby-The Vibrators
#6 My Babys Book-Real Kids
#7 Beast in My Bed-F.U.S
#8 Girls Got Limits-D.Y.S.
#9 She's the One-Ramones
#10 Cum Inside You-Gang Green

#1 Gabrielle-The Nips
#2 I'll Be Your Mirror-Velvet Underground
#3 Tuesday Morning-The Pogues
#4 A Drag In D Flat-Saves The Day
#5 Punk Rock Girl-The Dead Milkmen
#6 Baby Baby-The Vibrators
#7 Love Wheel-Daniel Johnston
#8 New Rose-The Damned
#9 Heart Beat-Buddy Holly
#10 Barbed Wire Love-Stiff Little Fingers

1)rose tattoo-stuck on you
2)vibrators-baby baby
3)pointed sticks- marching song
4)buzzcocks- autonomy
5)saints- wild about you
6)descendents-silly girl
7)gary glitter- i love you love me love
8)yachts- love you love you
9)new york dolls- great big kiss
10)damned-love song

Special Mention!: wreckless eric -whole wide world

Dave- I don't know anything about that shit.


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