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Sword Brandishing Records is a very eclectic label producing all kinds of music from bluegrass to metal, our goal is to put out the best records we can with the best artists we can. We’re not here to cash in on any hip trends, we’re here to try and save the dying tradition of independent music and independent artists our goal in no way is to become one of these huge monster record companies who are, on a daily basis, killing music, our goal is simply to put out good music, to let it reach people who it otherwise wouldn’t reach, and to give artists the resources they need to do what they do in the best possible way they can. Of course in order to keep things running money is a key part of it but it’s not the key part of it, the music is the key, there is nothing without the music and it’s with this in mind that we do business, we don’t try and manipulate the music or the artists vision, we wouldn’t sign anyone if we didn’t want to put their music out plain and simple, and being run by multiple people who all have different tastes makes us very open to all comers, but keep in mind we are an independent label and room is often limited however, we’re always listening and always looking for things to catch our interest……

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