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Coming to terms with adulthood (about time ?), beyond those teenage years and holding on to the rich values of nonconformism. Projecting the nostalgia of a childlike glimpse through a prism of emotion and mature experiences, which otherwise would lead to disappointment and indifference. In some ways Super 8 has become an escape route from adulthood, Dorian Gray style.

Their game is nostalgic but playful. Subtle compositions purposely crafted to enhance the lyrics in native French as it is their natural mode of expression.
Super 8 rip down the aging projection screen, trembling with childhood memories to initiate themselves into the world of adulthood with the complexity of relationship that we imagined more human.
The formula remains the same : vocals, guitar, bass, drums and sampler, with an emphasis on live performance.
Super 8 haven’t disowned their past and choose to let their childhood soul mature with enthusiasm.

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