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The home of Aquefrigide, Deflore, Nonlinear System Theory, Epochate, Tomydeepestego, Inferno, Zippo, The Orange Man Theory, Zeroin.

Subsound Records is an independent label estabilished in 2005 to support the independent artists, a new voice from the underground that respect the free expression of independent musicians and their musical visions.

We are not looking for any particular style but we rather prefer innovation and originality as the most important aspect of every form of art.

Subsound records distribute independent artists worldwide and works together with the most interesting companies in distribution, promotiom, marketing, publishing and any web innovative web company offering services for marketing music.

Subsound Records offices are located in the same structure of Subsound Studio where most of bands of the label are being produced, recorded and mixed by our own resident producers/engineers and external producers.

For any demo submission or a new album presentation in physical or digital please write to and provide us all your data including your music, biography, band photo, contacts and all the other important info.

Any mp3 or image or document attached to the email will cause your message to be rejected by our spam filter so just send us a link where we can find a flash player with music or just send your promo kit to:

Subsound Records
Via Vincenza Messina, 10
00043 Ciampino, Roma

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