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The term “Rock N’ Roll” has a deep history; deeper than almost any other term you can come up with. Even with terms of emotion like “Love”, “Hate”, “Fear” and “Despair”, they all can only point to one or two memorable moments in a person’s life. With “Rock N’ Roll” though, you can literally follow the lifeline of any person, group or even nation that has come during it’s time. You can see the birth of youthful rebellion through Elvis Presley’s interpretation of “Rock N’ Roll” in the 50s. In the ‘60s, you can find the development of that rebellion into an us against them vibe created by The Beatles’ latter day “Rock N’ Roll”. In the ‘70s, that rebellion changed to all out discontent through the Rock N’ Roll vibe created by artists like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or Jefferson Airplane. By the 80s, the world was ready to enjoy life again, and they did so through a more good time Rock N’ Roll created by artists like Journey, Bob Seger and Poison. You can only stay happy for so long though before the world causes youth to rebel once again, and by the 90s, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Korn all adapted the direction of Rock N’ Roll back to it’s original incarnation of youthful rebellion.

…And then everything stopped.

The initial 10 years of the 2000s will be known as the decade of lost Rock N’ Roll, where nothing more than homogenized clones of previously successful ideas came and went without leaving much of an indelible mark on the youth, the more mature, or on society as a whole.

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