Southern Outpost


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Sometime in 1998 at 2030, Southern Outpost was realised as an ‘outpost’ in the South Pacific to fight overground manipulators of bland, funkless, commercial tones that have been running rampant in the region…

Even as we enter into the new millennium, these corporations still unashamedly unleash their easily digestible music on the unwary, lulling the weak into a false sense of security, not allowing the true innovators of future music to be heard. Same ol’ shit.

Time and time again, they try to exploit a sound they have no idea about, only looking to make a quick buck and move onto the next big thing. A virus that must be stopped… at any cost!

Southern Outpost provide electrosonic tools that will hinder the spread of the virus in the South Pacific and will work alongside similar organisations around the world to fight the common enemy.

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