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Our Mission

To build an artist experience for every musician through digital creation, design, and strategy. We will then distribute, manage, market, and promote those musicians and their image.

Our Vision

We want to become an integral part of the music process from start to finish for artists of various ages, experience, and genres. We want musicians to look at us and realize that Smri can break the barriers of the music industry from cost of recording and distribution, market exposure through design and creativity, radio play, and mass promotion.

To do this we will value all contacts we make in the industry and do everything to maintain working relationships with anyone we communicate with via any medium. Stay productive every day, doing the best job we can do every day for every person who has a vested interest in our company.

Be an approachable company that will always be available to talk to anyone via any medium of communication.

Put the people who trust us first and put their needs above ours and do everything to help them get what they want out of their music, image and their careers.

Our Values

- You, our first priority.
- Passion in what we do.
- Integrity in the production and management of of our services.
- Quality, do it right, or don’t do it at all.
- Diversity in our approach to make you stand out.
- Creativity, to be a creative hurricane for artists to realize their potential.
- Inspire you to your best music.
- Accountable in our judgment and views that never waiver.

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