10 Jan 2007, 18:06

Its the start of 2007 and we have three gorgeous new releases lined up for you in the first third of the year!

Throw Stephanie In The Incinerator will be releasing their demo EP through us very shortly! the band are based between Derby and Notts and play a unique blend of upbea post-metal and stoner rock. slighly like a more fun Pelican, and featuring an ex-member of the awesome 3 Stages of Pain. We received this demo (The Road is Long, Dead Horses are Heavy) in the interest of offering them an album but its so good it cant be wasted! it will be pressed on vinyl effect CDs, limited to 200 and wih very special DIY artwork.. look out for it!

Sons of Alpha Centauri have been quietly making a name for themselves over the past few years while perfecting this epic debut album. They play abrasive, instrumental stoner rock, taking influences from bands such as the [arist]melvins, kyuss[/arist] and [arist]helmet as well as the likes of Pelcian and Isis[/arist]. Mastering has been done by James Plotkin (of Khanate, Old, Khlyst) and the stunning artwork is by none other than Seldon Hunt (has worked for Isis, Earth, Pelcian, Made Out of Babies etc).

The Pirate Ship Quintet Have alse been causing a stir, supporing Cult of Luna and geting 'Band of the Week' on the Silent Ballet. Their stunningly unique EP (mastered by Magnus Lindberg) is a blend of piano, strings, brass, and pounding guiar riffs, in the vein of the more progressive compositional side of post-rock.. Godspeed You Black Emperor, Esmerine, A Silver M Zion and Anoice are worth a mention. It will also look beautiful.

Keep an eye out!!

till next time..
take care
SD xxx


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