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28 Mar 2008, 14:51

Dear Sonar Friends!

As usual we have a lot unusual music for you to discover.
So have a look!

Sonar Kollektiv For The Ears:


SK182CD/jazzclub – Two Banks Of Four – Junkyard Gods
With Junkyard Gods (SK182CD/jazz club) of Two Banks of Four Sonar Kollektiv takes you on a trip you’ve never heard before!
Junkyard Gods is an epic tour de force that cruises effortlessly through the twisted labyrinth of modern music genres from Soul to Funk over to House and Broken Beat. DEMUS and ZINGER put the emphasis on interaction and improvisation between all the musicians involved in the project and on their own electronic sound experimentations. This pot-pourri of influences, individual ideas and collective thinking is centred by VALERIE ETIENNE, whose presence shines through the record from beginning to end. The whole album is a wonderful journey made of quirky electronic beats and sounds, solos of flute, saxophone, trumpet and piano, strangely chaotic harmonies and intricate drumming sequences. Very easy to listen to yet extremely rich and complex in its structure, Junkyards Gods sounds like a UFO landing on planet SONAR.


SK178/elektrish – Roland Appel – Inner Soul
After one year and 2 great EPs that have taken dance floors down all over the world Munich-born Roland Appel needs hardly introduction anymore!
In his third single called Inner Soul (SK178) Roland Appel tells us the origin of his inspiration in musical way. His creativity comes from his inner soul. „Creativity is love-making with your soul“. To put this adage into music, ROLAND kept this dreamy deep-house touch intact with once again a grandiose orchestration made of live drums, flourishing layers of strings and pads, soulful female choirs, arpeggiated and modulated stabs of synths and a magical break that will certainly take the crowd to the 7th heaven. Once again it’s ARABA WALTON whose voice underlines and strengthens the feelings of the track.
On the flipside ROLAND goes a bit more moody and uptempo with the track New Love. Over a pounding 4/4 bass drum beat, soulful vocals and over his now-trademark live house beats ROLAND added some very dirty stabs of synths and poured a few drops of acid just when it’s time to break loose. More than a simple B-side New Love is a killer track that will make people fall into ecstasy on the dancefloor from Berlin to Barcelona!

SK171/elektrish – Lars Bartkuhn – Dimensions (w/ Marcus Worgull Remix)
This long-awaited moment is finally arrived with the release of LARS’ new masterpiece entitled Dimensions (SK171/elektrish). Dimensions is Lars Bartkuhn’s finest moment to date since the release of his classic album Dreamland on his own Needs imprint. Tired of all the restrictions in the world of club music and bored with all the clichés in nowadays’s house, LARS composed Dimensions (SK171/elektrish) with 2 thoughts in mind : displaying his love for heavy grooves, harmonies, complex strings and keyboard arrangements and creating something really timeless and unique. Over a syncopated funky beat and a colorful keyboard hook LARS’ flourishing arrangements will keep your ears and mind as busy as possible and will take you on trippy journey that that will expand your mind and refuel your soul. On the flipside Marcus Worgull of Innervisions fame comes up with a very effective and DJ friendly remix, where the tension rises beat after beat. WORGULL’s version is a surefire crowdpleaser that will undoubtedly be pitched by DJs such as Dixon and Âme and that will make your heart beat faster and stronger on the dancefloor!
And Dimension is just a taster of things to come for Lars Bartkuhn, who will release a full-length album on Sonar Kollektiv in 2008. Lars Bartkuhn will present the album live!

Exclusive Digital Kollektiv Singles:

DK013/elektrish – Markus Enochson – Take Me To Eva Be Remixes
Take Me Away that features the sweet voice of gifted scandinivian singer Cornelia was probably one of the highlights of the whole album from Markus Enochson (SK112CD/LP). The Sonar Kollektiv crew did not forget it and decided to release a special remix treatment on their sub-label Digital Kollektiv, that would give to this poppy number the spotlight it deserves. And choosing a remixer for that track was nothing of a Cornelian dilemma! Who else than Berlin’s first lady of Dub, Electro and House a.k.a. Eva Be could it be? In three years time she became one of Sonar Kollektiv’s most respected artists. Eva Be’s rework is tailored for electro and dub dancefloors. She added extra spices to the original with very catchy guitars riffs and a dirty bassline over a cheeky dub beat. She also made great use of many different sorts of echoes that highlight CORNELIA’s voice perfectly and will make people bounce on the floors. Also included a nice radio version that will blast your stereo and fill your body with dub energy.

DK020/elektrish – Soulphiction – I Just Wait (Radio)

Soulphiction, who is ready to hit the sweet spot once again with the release of Do You Overstand?! (SK180CD/elektrish), a second album that takes in so many influences and spans so many genres that it does not fit in any particular category.
I Just Wait is one of the most unexpected tracks of the album. Whereas the album takes epic dancefloor proportions with tunes like Ghana Wadada and Velveteens, I Just Wait is a freaked-out slice of hip-hop with a groovy bassline and singing flute melodies in an abstract style reminiscent of DJ Shadow’s most chilled-out productions. It is also potential radio hit that Sonar Kollektiv decided to re-release on his digital Sub-label Digital Kollektiv to the greater joy of his fans.
Also included in the package and exclusively released for Digital Kollektiv is the chilling groove of Liberation Dub and its haunting trumpet melodies! 2008 will be the year of Soulphiction and of Digital Kollektiv thanks to this sweet new release and all the upcoming material.


SKP-01 – Various Artists – Sonar Kollektiv Playlist 01
To all Sonar Kollektiv Fans!

Here is our new Download series, the Sonar Kollektiv Playlist!
Every month another employee will select his or her hottest tunes from our catalogue, so there will be a native diversity in the playlists.
This month the playlist contains reggae, electronic and dub tunes.
We've had enough of words...

...enjoy the music...

... some upcoming Releases...

7th of april: DK018/jazzclub – Christian Prommer´s DrumLesson - Around The World (Radio Instrumental)
14th of april: SB7025/demroots – Catrat – Freedom (Jay Haze & Kabuki Remixes)
21st of april: SK180CD/elektrish – Soulphiction – Do You Overstand?
DK019/illicity – Sonar Kollektiv Orchester – (Mayabuye) Africa (Radio)

Sonar Kollektiv For The Eyes:

SK159DVD – Fat Freddys Drop – Fantastic Voyages Vol.1

Who ever has had the chance to witness New Zealand cult band Fat Freddys Drop in concert will know what a high quality program they pack into an evening. Give them a chance and the seven piece band with singer DALLAS TAMAIRA aka JOE DUKIE and producer CHRIS FAIMUMU aka DJ Fitchie at their centre will happily stand on stage for up to four or five hours constantly delighting the audience with extended live jams, bouncy MPC beats, crispy horn lines, the smooth vocals of Joe Dukie and not least of all, a nice portion of self-irony. Spectators can expect a casually presented set played by a talented band who are a well rehearsed team and know well to keep a loose hold on the reins so as to even more masterfully set the high points. While a new studio album is still in the production phase Fat Freddys Drop now release a DVD which looks back on the success of recent times. The centerpiece of Fantastic Voyages Vol. 1 is concert footage recorded in various locations during the „World-Cup“ Europe Tour 2006: in London, Edinburgh, Ireland, Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, as well as at the „Algarve Summer Festival“ in Portugal. These concert recordings are enriched with events that took place at each of the stops on the tour.

SKM007 – Midnight Marauders Leather Wristband
We are the midnight marauders...
Due to the track Midnight Marauders by Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie (SB7010) we have a special limited edition of leather wristbands for real fans!
The writing is stamped on the outside of the wristband.On the inside there is a writing with silver painting Sonar Kollektiv.
The length is adjustable from 16,5 cm to over 18 cm to 19,5 cm, so it will perfectly fit your wrist.

...the time has come for us to leave the problems of the day...

...and I would not waste a moment no way, no way...

…some upcoming Dates…

Wed 26.03.
Jazzanova / Roland Appel @ SobeLive, Miami Beach, USA
quasimode @ Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan

Thu 27.03.
Roland Appel @ Delano Hotel, Miami Beach, USA
Âme @ Cielo, New York, USA

Fri 28.03.
Trickski @ Schmoov, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Trickski @ Trintaeum, Porto, Portugal
Jazzanova & Clara Hill @ Lisbon, Portugal

Sat 29.03.
Trickski @ Dubless, Famalicao, Portugal
Christian Prommer´s DrumLesson @ Delano Hotel, Miami Beach, USA
Marcus Worgull, Dixon & Âme @ Opium Garden, Miami, USA
Âme @ Moscow, Russia

Thu 03.04.
Jazzanova / Christian Prommer's Drumlesson / Outlines / Trickski @ Batofar, Paris, France

Fri 04.04.
Jazzanova / Clara Hill @ Messe Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Âme @ Subscape, Antwerpen, Belgium

Sat 05.04.
Âme @ Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany
Roland Appel @ The End, London, UK
Dimlite @ Li+Do, Linz, Austria

Sun 06.04.
Âme @ Goa, Madrid, Spain

Tue 08.04.
Outlines @ New Balance Private Party, Paris, France

Thu 10.04.
Christian Prommer's Drumlesson / Outlines @ Batofar, Paris, France

...for futher events check out the Sonar Calendar ( )


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