Website updates - Archive opens


26 May 2008, 08:19

We updated our website somewhat. Simultaneously, an all new section called Archive was opened. We established the Archive in order to store and maintain resources related to the history of Some Place Else. You will find there various information, photos, downloads etc. The archive will be updated and expanded whenever time and circumstances allow. For the moment, plenty of photos, mp3s from past gigs are freely available. Explore and enjoy!

Some artists related to Archive resources: Niko Skorpio, Ovro, Haeretici 7o74, Ibrahim Terzic, Rajapinta, Reptiljan, Sine Nomine, Cosine Nomine, Bardoseneticcube, Noises Of Russia, Bardoseneticcube + Noises of Russia, Kouhei Matsunaga, no Xivic, Gelsomina + no Xivic, Troum, Aeoga, Montage, Ihokas, Mockingwyrd, Rene Kita, Squamata, Rulla ...and more...


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