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Solnze Records is an independent label from Moscow, specializing on funny sampledelic, incredible strange electronic, neo surf, unusual & experimental music, electro twists etc…
Label was started in Year 2000 by founding member of first siberian music label “Zolotaya Dolina Co” (1991-1995) Oleg “Bert” Tarasov, who once returned from exile to Russia for realising Messer Chups CD’s. After couple of releases of Messer Chups, Messer fur Frau Muller and Oleg Kostrow label was growing up to famous independent label and now has about 60 releases. In addition to main line of releases last time we started to license most interesting western music projects for russian market. Moreover, we distribute diffirent stuff from other independent labels, such as Ipecac, Hymen, AeroCCCP, ant-zen, Stora, Gagarin Records & others… We have also started to book western artists for Gigs in Russia. Contact us and send your demos !

Skype abonent: SolnzeRecords

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