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26 Aug 2009, 16:47

As summer draws to a close, we here at Slumberland have not been on vacation. Not even close! We've got three great new releases to tell you about, and even more coming soon. Read on!

||||| The Pains of Being Pure At Heart drop limited 7" for "Come Saturday" |||||
2009 was been a whirlwind year for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Since releasing their self-titled debut album in February, they've become one of the most talked-about new bands in years. They've toured the world to rapturous welcome, been featured in magazines like Spin, Rolling Stone and the NME, received the Best New Music accolade from Pitchfork and even made their debut television appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly.

"Come Saturday" is taken from their smash album and shows exactly why so many people are excited about the Pains. A breathless rush of guitar married to a classic tune, "Come Saturday" is pure Pains - timeless noisy pop played with energy and enthusiasm. Non-LP B-side "Side Ponytail" is possibly one of the Pains' most indie-pop moments yet -- uptempo, instantly catchy and racing by in just over two minutes. Pressed on green vinyl and issued in a strictly limited edition, you will not want to miss this single. Not in stores until Sept 8th, but we're shipping it now.

more info and mp3s:

||||| Sic Alps roll up new limited 7" |||||
Sic Alps make music with their eyes on the past but their feet firmly in the present. Bits of psychedelia, folk, garage, punk and other fuh fairly well flow from their fingers, seamlessly worked together to render easy categorizations pointless. Over the course of numerous singles and albums on such fine labels as Siltbreeze, Mt St Mtn and Woodsist, Sic Alps' Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman have carved themselves a snug niche filled with fuzz, crackle, vibes and most of all cracking tunes.

Continuing this fine tradition is L. Mansion, a swinging little folk/beat tune that is totally timeless/out of time in the way of Sic Alps' best songs. As straightforwardly "pop" as anything they've done, and a totally effective summertime single. On the flip we get a banging cover of Donovan's ode to puff -- "Superlungs." Wild and thumping, Matt and Mike have definitely taken the Sunshine Superman on a little side trip to Detroit rock city.

more info and mp3s:

||||| Brown Recluse's long-awaited 12" EP is here! |||||
Formed in 2006, Brown Recluse take influences from the psych pop of The Zombies and Margo Guryan, the tropicalia of Os Mutantes, and 60s producers like Curt Boettcher, Joe Meek and Phil Spector, and create something very modern. Their debut EP Black Sunday was a brilliant blast of pop invention; it's blend of blinding songcraft, skilled arrangements and gorgeous playing is an absolute joy and made Brown Recluse one of our favorite new bands.

"The Soft Skin" was recorded in mid-2007; after some delays with the original release, we're very excited to be able to bring it you on Slumberland Records. The four songs show an increasingly confident full-band line-up stretching out and reaching a new plateau. A pastoral, psychedelic vibe permeates the EP, bringing to mind the sunshine pop of Curt Boettcher's The Millennium/Sagittarius projects, and such familiar touchstones as Brian Wilson, Belle & Sebastian, The Clientele and the Elephant 6 collective. This is pretty heady company to keep, but perfectly-realized songs like "Night Train" and "Rainy Saturday" more than hold their own. Not in stores until Sept 8th, but we're shipping it now.

more info and mp3s:

||||| new podcast - Swedish punk overload! |||||
Martin from The Faintest Ideas is an insane record collector, and how lucky we are that he chooses to share with us! His new "Small Wonders" podcast is a veritable lesson in rare Swedish punk, with a fair dose of 60s garage and pop thrown in for good measure. This is one that you will be playing loud!
listen now:

||||| coming soon |||||
2009 continues to be our biggest year yet, and coming in a few weeks we'll have fresh singles from Devon Williams and The Bats, plus the anxiously-awaited "Higher Than The Stars" EP from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Farther into the fall step on the gas with Brilliant Colors' debut album, a fine single from Razorcuts' Gregory Webster, the debut solo single from Crystal Stilts' Frankie Rose, a brand new Pants Yell! album and a split single featuring Sarandon and The Membranes. Phew!

||||| Twentieth Anniversary shows |||||
It's awfully hard to believe that Slumberland has been around for almost twenty years now. When we started I couldn't imagine doing much more than putting out a few singles, and now here we are over 100 releases later and still chugging along. To help us celebrate this cool milestone, we're putting together a series of shows in November that will take place in two or three US cities and include an impressive roster of Slumberland bands both old and new. These shows are going to be pretty special, so please keep an eye on our blog ( for more info soon.

Until next time-
Ma, Pa and Theo Slumber


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