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rhythmic noise, technoid, power noise, and post industrial record label.


A broken beat, an emancipated rhythm, crushing noise, and atmospherics that blow your mind. Signifier is you and a dark night in with headphones. It is us, stomping away on pulsating dance floors, a community. It’s an artist, a creator, sharing a little piece of their private mindspace and trusting you and I to let it matter. Sounds like these can only meet somewhere in between.

Integrity. Electronics. Rhythm. Life.

Signed Artists:

Ex_Tension (France)
Cruise (Belgium)
LAN Formatique (USA)
To Travel Without Any Certain Destination (Greece)
Fractured Transmission (USA)
The Carapace (USA)
ZandoZ Corp. (Brazil)
Women Should Not Drink Alcohol (USA)
Oxyd (Slovakia)
Blutspan (Chile)
Lucidstatic (USA)
HIV+ and usherSAN (France/Spain)
Antigen Shift (Canada)

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