Serundal endorsed by NMEonline!

2009/2010 A Semi-finalist place in the UK songwriters Contest
awarded for each of five tracks entered (three of which scored as ‘borderline finalists’)
2011 commendation for ‘Annwn’ (Dark Days White Knights)
2012 A Semi-finalist place awarded to ‘The Talisman’ (from the album ‘Chime Child’)
2012 A commendation awarded to ‘The Priory’ (from the album ‘Chime Child’

“Serundal The Sisters of Caer tripping cool,a mysterious and with an interesting mythical storyline. works off that underpinning of a one tone quality with a beautiful melody. vocals and harmonies very captivating added to station 8/8/2012 5:00:24 PM”
David: producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist/lyrics / vocals
Maxie: research/ lyrics/lead vocal

PRS CAE NO:591129837
PPL MEMBERSHIP: 0108362468

Hailed by one reviewer as ‘the new Clannad’; since 2006 Serundal has produced 11 full albums, two E.Ps and two singles have been released.
Maxie has been a published poet since the age of fifteen, and Serundal was first born through a combination of her ideas set in poetry and David’s musical creativity.
Together, born of Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry they have managed to weave together what has been described as ‘a truly magical mix of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon storytelling traditions with the energy of 21st century arrangements.’
Their music has been described as ‘timeless’ ‘cinematic’ and ‘visual’ by fans.

‘The Elven Robe’ featured on Gene Godfrey’s Classic f.m
‘The Storm’ featured on Andrew John’s station on
‘The Elven Robe’ played on Bill Everatt’s Underground
‘Lady of the Isles’ played on Highlander radio (Live 365)
‘Snowy Owl’ on Deep Cuts radio

Both Ab Initi (2006) and ‘Leylines’ (2007) have received excellent reviews.

Christmas 2008 saw the release of ‘Dark Days White Knights’ an album based on medieval Celtic and Arthurian legend, which has taken their musical journey into the world of progressive folk.

Lady of the Isles (Semi-finalist in the 2009 UK Songwriting Contest)

A beautiful crusading lover’s ballad … lilting, cantillating and monastic-like vocals calling back and forth gives this a mediaeval and romantic feeling that whisks one away on a magical, mystical journey, back to a place in legendary times where a grieving damsel awaits the return of her lover from a distant campaign … a celtic gem … poignant songwriting, arrangement and production. added to station 10/19/2008 5:33:18 AM
Christmas 2009 saw the release of ‘Yule’ a special edition Christmas E.P a magical mystical blend of the Winter Solstice and the Christmas story.

2012 Update New Album ‘Chime Child’ released!
The third and final part of the trilogy following ‘Ab Initi’ and ‘The Land of the Sixth Moon’ (telling the story ‘The Legend of Serundal)
Serundal’s music featured on NME online video!
2013 New Mp3 album ‘The Scrying Pool’ released (featuring the track ‘Richard lll: The Lost King’

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