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Rushour Scenes is a small independent record label originally started in the Flint, MI area in the mid s. Bands on the Rushour Scenes label consist of The Marietta, BCBandits, LOA, Jason Considine, Sleep Peels, Exotic Referee, The Smokers and The Iran Contra Affair. The genres of music span , , , , , , , , , , , and . Many of the bands on Rushour Scenes consisted of musicians who grew up and played music together.

Rushour Scenes was started by Jason Considine in Flint while Jason was playing drums in the bands BCBandits and The Pulse. He also was attending The Recording Institute of Detroit for recording and producing. Jason decided to record his bands and his friends’ bands and release the albums with the artist within the local community. At this time in the mid 2000s Rushour consisted of bands BCBandits, LOA, Sleep Peels and recording projects Jason Considine, Exotic Referee, The Smokers and The Iran Contra Affair. These bands recorded and played together for three years then went their separate ways.
Rushour Scenes started up again in 2010 when Jason Considine and Dennis Berger from LOA started The Guard. The Guard played together for a year and released two short eps with Rushour. Then Jason and Dennis got together with Ryan Cardneau from Sleep Peels and recorded six tracks under the name Marietta Melodic.

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