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Rump Recordings is an independent record label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded by Jens Berents Christiansen (aka Rumpistol) in 2003. The artist roster includes: Acustic, Badun, Bjørn Svin, Icarus (UK), Karsten Pflum, Snöleoparden, Svartbag, System (DK) & Vektormusik.


2003 Rumpistol: Rumpistol (RUMPCD001)

2004 Various Artists: Rump Comp Volume One (RUMPCD002+RUMPLP002)
2005 Acustic: Welcome (RUMPCD003+RUMPLP003), Rumpistol: Mere Rum (RUMPCD004+RUMPLP004)
2006 Karsten Pflum: Idhax (RUMPCD005+RUMPLP005)
2007 System: Tempo EP (RUMPEP001), Badun: Badun (RUMPCD006+RUMPLP006), Vektormusik: Interfoliere EP (RUMPEP002), Icarus: Sylt (RUMPCD007)
2008 Snöleoparden: Snöleoparden (RUMPCD008+RUMPLP008), Svartbag: Svartbag (RUMPCD009), Rumpistol: Dynamo (RUMPCD010+RUMPLP010)
2009 Icarus: Sylt Remixes (RUMPCD011)
2010 Bjørn Svin: Browen (RUMPCD012+RUMPLP012)

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  • gtmb

    System's Drk video directed by Sune Petersen is now showing on!

    September 2010
  • vashwannabe

    Awesome label!

    September 2010
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