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Rude Boy Records is an German independent record label which was founded in the beginning of the nineties as its own enterprise by Andric Stanelle. Within the walls of Rude Boy Records you can hear anything from Hip Hop to Rock, Jazz to Electronica, R&B to Alternative. We have decided not to allow ourselves to be caged into only one genre of music production. But Rude Boy Records is not only a production by Andric Stanelle Records, it’s also a publishing company with distributions by Sony BMG and SPV GmbH. The label is owned and currently headed by C.E.O. Michael Bracher and executive vice president Pascal Kerouche.

In the beginning of its company history, the label mainly dropped rap music inspired by Advanced Chemistrys’ co-founder DJ Mike MD. In 1993, Rude Boy Records released Colours Uniteds’ single titled Stop the Racism on its own initiative and has committed within the scope of the Kein Hass im wilden Sueden campaign. In 1995, the label hit the headlines once again after they released Rebellen der Kunst by Konrad Kujau, the creator and forger of the so-called Hitler Diaries, and the Rock N Roll Junkies. Today, Rude Boy Records productions is basing on the development and support of creative, authentic music, and the love of it.

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