REEDCO ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 1989 by Geoffrey Reed in FAIRWOOD, WA to promote various Films, Albums and Local public access T.V. shows. The label grew to be a significant promoter of “The Fairwood Sound” which reached popularity between the years 1990-1992. The first single was grunge band DIRTY BLANKET’s seminal 7”
“SUGAR HIGH/COFFEE KILLER” The band was later featured in the film “FAIRWOOD GREENSLEEVES” A local documentary about the music scene in Fairwood, WA.

The label put out various singles by various band, including SAMPSON & McDEAN, The DEN MOTHERS, RAZERBERRY THORN, BEL-VADIRS ASYLUM, CARE BEARS FROM HELL, HOT BOX INVASION, THE COSMIC SHAKERS, FINGERHEAD, and CANDY VAN, as well as producing the pubic access religious program SEE THE LIGHT from 1991-1991.

REEDCO. INC. also has released a number of independent films.


Ass Panther

Thee Anteaters

Ant Farm

Auntie Steve

Army Buddies

Aggro Turtle


Brung Up Wrong

The Buttered Buns

Thee Bloody Stumps


The Brain Donors

Brave N’ Ugly

The Breadsticks

Battered Wives


Bitch Kitchen

The Beer Goggles

Bill 9-11

Care Bears From Hell

The Cosmic Shakers


The Close Shaves

Curtain Of Uncertain

Colored Greens

Crabby Daddy

Candy Van

Den Mothers Tribute Band

The Dongers

Death Taco

The Den Mothers

Drugstore Cowpie

Dirty Blanket


Dregs Of Society


The Dingleberries

Erotic Diaper

The English Cads

Enough Already!

Eat Drink Die

East By Eastwest

El Elevator

Electric Shoes

Fucked At Birth


Frisco Crisco

The Funbags

Fornication Forest

Thee Funboys

The Fruitcups

Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience


The Foulplays


Thee Grumbles

Granny Panties


Thee Gunslingers

The Grambcrackers

The Gilded Lillies

The Gooey Ones

Glove Of Love


The Gravy Babies

Huney Pye

The Holiest Of Holes


Hitler’s Sisters

Thee Hacksaws

Hose Job

In Yer Face

The Innocent Guilt

The Itches

Igloo Crew

Incest Test

The Interruption

Jail Tail

The June Bugs

Janitor Mike & Sawdust Kids

Thee Jupiter 5

June Romantic

The Jesters Of Yesteryear

The Klu Klux Clams

Krazy Glue

The Kangaroofies

Killing Me Hardley

Kissing Miss Bliss

The Left Behinds

The Lowblows

Lake Titty & The CaCas

Los The Thees

Lemon A.I.D.S

Legally Underage

Little Boy Blue & His Horns

The League Of Unholy Space Rock

The Masters Of The Trade

Muddy Cuppa Joe

Thee Murky Jurkies

Mopey Little Bitches

Murder Me Now!

The Moon Patrol

Make Me!

The Missionary Division

Mustard Gas

Nasty Latte

Not Even Close

Near Sighted, Far Fetched

The NeatBeats

The Nog- Hogs

The Nay-Sayers

Nasty Bites

Nerve Disorder

The Nit Pickers

Open For Business

Orange Bananas

Olden Goldies

The Outer Reaches

Out Of Bounds

The Oldie Olsons

On The Jazz

Thee Pants People

Pray For Mercy

Porcupine Fellowship

Pray Tell My Good Fellow

Quickly She Ran

The Quiz Maters

Justin Ruedabagel

The Running Bears

Razberry Thorne

Rarely Well Done

The Ravished

The Slop Bucket After Show Band


Sharting On Acid


The Sickle Cells

The Turn-On!!

Tokyo Strokers



The Vickers

The Vast Wasteland

The Whiz Kids


When World Collied

Wavy Wavelengths

Ward N’ The Beav

Yep Yep Yep

The Younger Generation


The Zest

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