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Red Herring is an artist collective based in Northwest Arkansas, the United States of America. Red Herring Records is the division concerning audio art, and it is headed by co-founders Chad Woodhams (aka Light Emitting Chadiode, the Wood, and Chad-dat) and Andrew Gravit (aka Fifteen Stories High, gb, and

A short detail of releases:
Full-lengths and EPs:
rhc001 Oraghala High Council - Steel Eel
rhc002 Oraghala High Council - Bouncing Betty

rhc003 Fifteen Stories High - Infernal Dance Machine
rhc004 Light Emitting Chadiode - Woody Knows What’s Best for the Kids
rhc005 Fifteen Stories High - Happyshit EP
rhc006 Fifteen Stories High - Drowned in the Age of Reason
rhc007 Light Emitting Chadiode - Acid EP
rhc008 Light Emitting Chadiode - Charlie Chaplin is Dead
rhc009 Fifteen Stories High - Karen’s New Haircut
rhc010 Light Emitting Chadiode - Grilled S
rhc011 Fifteen Stories High - Remix EP
rhc012 Oraghala High Council - Oraghala EP
rhc013 Light Emitting Chadiode - Boom City Nights

Compilations, etc:
rhcAA1 Fifteen Stories High - Pyxis: Experiments and B-sides
rhcAA2 Red Herring Collective - beardXcore Compilation 1
rhcAA3 Fifteen Stories High - Vek Inlet: Experiments and B-sides
rhcAA4 Sami and Andrew’s Keyboard Bonanza - Duets

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