• New Releases: The Dark Clan & Reaver

    25 May 2010, 16:38 by Valdyr

    http://www.radio-active-music.com/cdart/tdcfade300.png http://www.radio-active-music.com/cdart/tdcdancemagicdance300.png

    Artist: The Dark Clan
    Title: Fade / Dance Magic Dance
    Available June 1st, 2010
    RAM 021

    The Dark Clan is the latest addition to the Radio-Active-Music label, and we’re pleased to release this dual CD release containing the most intricate electronic and dark rock. The release contains 20 tracks, and features guest contributions from a wide variety artists in the genre including Caustic, Ego Likeness, The Gothsicles, I:Scintilla, Null Device, Patricia Wake, Rein, and XuberX...to name a few. This release is co-distributed by Sonic Mainline and DLVN Media.

    We’re delighted to be able to offer clips to preview both discs -'Fade' and 'Dance Magic Dance'- on Last.fm. Pre-orders are now being taken directly on Radio-Active-Music.com through our online store!


    Artist: Reaver
    Title: Leviathan
    Available June 15th, 2010
  • Radio-Active-Music.com: Press Release – March 2009

    19 Mar 2009, 05:24 by Valdyr

    Radio-Active-Music.com: Press Release – March 2009

    In this issue:
    + New Release: XUBERX “Intelligence, Revised”
    + Upcoming Releases: Reaver, Espermachine, and more
    + Guest Appearances: dharmata 101, Espermachine, and more
    + Octofoil Records joins the distribution network
    + Upcoming Shows & Events

    New release now available: XUBERX – “Intelligence, Revised”
    Following Turbulent Soundscape’s release of “Wake the Fkuc Up” in early February, label veterans XUBERX rounded out the month with the much anticipated release of their remix CD, “Intelligence, Revised”. The album features remixes from artists such as Assemblage 23, Caustic, Ego Likeness, Iris, Null Device and X-Fusion, and is hitting dance floors everywhere.

    Upcoming Release Schedule from Radio-Active-Music.com
    The debut full-length from Reaver, “Eternal Psychonaut”, will be released on Tuesday, March 31st through Radio-Active-Music.com. The label is proud to be offering this new harsh ebm project hailing from Yorktown, VA. …
  • Radio-Active-Music.com: Press Release - October 2008

    17 Oct 2008, 00:58 by Valdyr

    Radio-Active-Music.com: Press Release – October 2008

    In this issue:
    + 23RAINYDAYS EP out on October 28th!
    + Upcoming Releases: 23RAINYDAYS album re-release & Die With Me Tonight EP
    + Exogenesis Review
    + Upcoming Shows & Events

    23RAINYDAYS - Wonderful Disaster EP
    Washington DC’s finest alt/goth rock act, 23RAINYDAYS, will be releasing their latest EP at the end of October, featuring four new songs as well as a new remix of the hit “My Own Addiction.” Wonderful Disaster will be hitting the stores on Tuesday, October 28th, and will be available for pre-orders on Radio-Active-Music.com shortly!

    Upcoming Release Schedule from Radio-Active-Music.com
    Following the 23RAINYDAYS EP release, the label will be re-releasing the band’s latest full-length From Today Until Forever in November, along with the debut EP release from Roanoke, VA’s trip-hop act Die With Me Tonight in early December. 2009 will boast releases from Dharmata 101, Gravity Euphonic, Turbulent Soundscape