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Profane Existence Records, a label that deals mostly with Anarcho-Punk, and Crust Punk. The collective is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

Profane Existence began in December 1989, and is part of the North American anarcho-punk movement. In fact, many correctly credit them with being a major force in promoting anarchist punk/hardcore/metal bands, setting up venues and forming labels that print vinyl DIY records. The magazines deal with many issues relevant to anarchist punk rockers, such as veganism, animals, women’s and minority rights, anti-fascist action and the punk rock lifestyle. It also deals with anarchist music in general, offering reviews and interviews with bands in the scene and promoting DIY and anarchist activism worldwide, accepting articles from all around the globe.

The magazine can be acquired by contacting the PE collective, and has an avid following in all of Europe, America and parts of Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. Issue #50/51 is the most recent edition as of April 2006.

It is a world renowned label. It has always stuck to hardcore punk ethos and the DIY ethic. Many critics have suggested that Profane Existence is the last “true” punk rock label. The definition of punk has changed over the genre’s 30 year existence, however, no other label has retained many of the original characteristics of early punk rock. Many of these critics have been labeled as “purist punks,” and they generally accecpt the view that punk existed for approximately 8 months in 1977, again between 1981 to 1985 with the “hardcore revival” and then again between 1988 to the present day under what can currently be labeled as “anarcho-punk.”

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