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PAN Records is a Dutch label that releases non-commercial music from traditional and ethnic origins in a broad context.

PAN Records emphasizes on specific regions and genres (without ignoring the rest of the world): the Pacific, the Caucasus, brass band music, Central Asia, East and South-East Europe; areas and countries inside the ex-USSR; ethnic groups in China, East Africa; overtone music.

In many cases PAN Records was among the first to pay attention to certain areas and musics, like Tuvan overtone singing (1991) and brass band music in traditional cultures (1993

The real birth date of PAN Records is lost in the fog of time, but its first production was released in 1976. Until the mid-1980s PAN mainly worked with local and regional artists and musicians in West-European traditional and folk music. This changed in 1987, with the introduction of the CD format.

In 1999 PAN released its 150th CD, and in 2002 the 200th CD. Besides that it has released around 30 LPs. It is now near its 300th release.

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