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PS COMPANY Co.,Ltd is a Japanese management company and agency owned by FREE-WILL. PS COMPANY are under direction of Ozaki Tomomi.

PS COMPANY has got one sub-department, “Indies-PSC.” which is managing all new signed bands with Indies status. Indies-PSC. is also a record label with distribution via ONG DISTRIBUTION.
PS COMPANY are now and then taking over bands from the XXX RECORDS label “Speed-disk” to Indies-PSC..

PS COMPANY is not an record label, however, the management has got one special record label namned “Peace&Smile music” for those Major artists and bands who hasn’t been signed into any of the larger record labels in Japan. Kagrra, and Kra are two bands who release their CD’s via the “Peace&Smile music”-label.

PS COMPANY are since 2010 currently managing 9 bands, where 3 bands are on the Indies-PSC.-department. Their bands are following:

the GazettE (Sony Music Entertainment)
Kagrra, (Peace&Smile music)
Alice Nine (Tokuma Japan Communication)
Kra (Peace&Smile music)
Vivid (Epic Records/Sony Music)

Indies-PSC. (Sub-department managing Indies bands)

All bands on PS COMPANY (except for Vivid and BORN) are signed in Europe by German record label CLJ Records.

Official site PS COMPANY:
Official site Indies-PSC.:


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  • Killinstinct

    Hey guys, PS COMPANY is NOT an record label, they are an management company, their record label for Major artist is "Peace&Smile music" and for Indies artists "Indies-PSC." There's a difference between record label and management.

    January 2011
  • Shinyis

    Kra ♥

    February 2010
  • May-sama

    I don't like PSC, but their bands are great < 3

    July 2009
  • -ReitasVibroEi-

    yeay <333

    January 2009
  • Killinstinct

    Ey, please upload all albums/singles for SuG, SCREW, the GazettE, アリス九號. and 雅-MIYAVI-, thank you!

    December 2008
  • kakahli


    August 2008
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