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Founded by childhood friends Alex Anico (aka @NICO) and Raul Chavez (aka RAWTEE) in 1999, PMCRW is an electronic music group and label based out of South and Central Florida in the United States. Andrew Smalls (M7DNYTE) and Chistopher Lynch (CrazY Chris) were added to the group in 2002. 2007 saw the subsequent release of Rawtee from PMCRW due to irreconcilable differences leaving the final roster to ANICO, M7DNYTE, CrazY ChriS, & the newly added El Topo.

== College Meeting ==

While attending college in central Florida, Anico met Andrew Smalls (aka M7DNYTE). The two shared a mutual interest in Electronic Music as well as its production. The fact that both used the then obscure music program known as Fruity Loops contributed to their growing friendship. It was also at the infamous Rollins College in which Crazy Chris was introduced to Anico. During many fraternity parties, Lynch and Anico would conduct “siphers and rap battles” to entice the crowd. Lynch (called Crazy Chris for his drunken exploits and imparied yet lovable personality) was well known for his freestyle abilities while Anico was predominately a skilled writer often reciting written verses from his many journals. It was during this time where the albums Intergalactic Breaks vol 1 & 2 as well as Enter the ZonE were concieved.

== Miami ==

Upon returning to Miami after graduating in 2003, Anico reconnected with Chavez to push ahead with PMCRW.

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