5 May 2008, 01:14

Old 3C artists Great Plains announce the following three shows with former Homestead Records label-mates and Boston-area legends Big Dipper -- Thursday 04.24.2008 at Maxwell's in Hobokem NJ; Friday 04.25.2008 at Southpaw in Brooklyn NY; and Saturday 04.26.2008 at Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge MA. Dump (James McNew of Yo La Tengo) is also listed on the Maxwell's site for said show, and fellow former-Homesteaders Antietam for Southpaw. Might be time to plan that road trip, all you out-of-towners.

And here's some equally important, but less immediate news -- look for the Old 3C treatment for releases by Ego Summit, Cruel, Cruel Moon, and Stark Folk in the coming months. There will be more info on those releases in Summer 2008 -- and as always, we love hearing from you, so feel free to get in touch.


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