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Noize:Tek recordings is a UK based record label dealing with many forms of extreme and experimental electronic music. We are not genre specific and we dont want to be pigeonholed. What we release is basically down to our own personal taste, as long as the material is challenging, powerfull and original. Noize:Tek also run events in their home town of Manchester, showcasing artists from their own roster, unknown artists/associates and artists that we feel have influenced us, or the music we represent, over the years. To date we have played host to a plethora of national and international artists and continue to play out to an ever growing and loyal fanbase. To give you an idea of the type of music we deal with and help represent, here is a full list of artsists we put on during 2007 along with artists booked for our first event of 2008:

Ebola, Shitmat, DJ Floorclearer, Frog Pocket, Faux Pride, Vinyl Vandal, VBR, The Teknoist, Dolphin, Dirty Husband, Terrorhate, Scheme Boy, DJ Scotch Egg, Spitting Vitriol, DJ Richard Hillman, Gordon Tinnitus, Mertcore, Monster Plastic, Hypnoskull, Machniochrist, Leech Woman, Dyspraxia, Matt Noise, Hellfish, Bryan Fury, I:gor, Ladyscraper, Fuk-Nut, Tekamine, Gunter Saxenhammer and Whitehouse.

At Noize:Tek we strive to push the boundaries that little but further, fusing a huge mix of musical styles together to acheive some truly stunning, orignal compositions and dancefloor friendly stompers! From the insanley techincal trickery of Davros (aka Abelcain), the clean cut intensity of Ebola through to the full noise whiteouts of Dirty Husband, we aim to bring you something very unique every time.

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