Solidarity Concert for the Earthquake Victims of Szechuan in China


6 Jul 2008, 16:31

On 14th June 2008 the Solidarity Concert for the Earthquake Victims of Szechuan in China took place in the Church of Enge in Zürich in Switzerland

Over 700 people attended the Solidarity Concert that we organized for the victims of the Earthquake in Szechuan although it seemed very difficult at the beginning to get the attention of the people due to the Euro 08 games that were going on. Tibetans, Chinese as well as a lot of Swiss friends attended the concert in order to support the human aspect of this concert. We all wanted to get together in order to pray for all the countless victims of the devastating earthquake that shook China on the Whit-Monday of this year, but also to pray for all the countless vicitms that the recent unrest have caused in Tibet since 10th March 2008. Very much in line with the message of His Holiness The Dalai Lama we wanted to set a signal to say that no matter how tense the political situation between Tibet and China is at the moment, we are never against the Chinese people. We are still convinced, that together we will manage to find peaceful solutions for a harmonious co-existence between Tibetans and Chinese in Tibet. A month earlier I had met His Holiness the Dalai Lama together with my friends in a private audience in the Hotel Meridien in Nürnberg where he stressed the importance to promoting the relationship between the Tibetan and Chinese communities in the Western countries. I was deeply moved when His Holiness said this as I could feel his genuine wish that the Chinese understand that we are not seeking to separate ourselves from China rather we want to become an integral part and build a stable ground for a harmonius co-existence.

As a Tibetan artist it was a very special feeling when I sang the spiritual Tibetan Mantras and Peace prayers to a Tibetan and Chinese audience for the first time in Switzerland. Playing the Tibetan Mantras and Peace Prayers in this beautiful holy room of a Christian Church we succeeded to create a neutral ground for reconciliation and understanding. I am very impressed by Mr. Donghua Li, for kindly accepted to attend the concert together with all his Chinese friends and making this solidarity concert very meaningful . The Chinese felt so touched by this gesture of Tibetans organising a concert to show sympathie and came to thank us at the end of the concert. It is really great to see that Mr. Donghua Li is not only an excellent world athlete and holding an official post as the Attaché of the Swiss Olympic Team to Beijing 2008, but he is a Chinese with a great heart. Also the Tibetans felt very moved and said it was good to show sympathie towards the Chinese families that had lost their beloved ones.

I was so lucky that a few days before the actual concert, I got a call from the world‘s most famous Swiss Harpplayer Andreas Vollenweider. He said he had wanted to call me a long time ago and at the end of the conversation I mentioned to him that we were giving this Solidarity concert for the Earthquake victims in China. He spontaneously agreed to participate in the concert and even to play a few pieces with us to show his support. His magic sound of the Chinese Guzheng that he played especially for the Chinese friends was very moving and my other musicians Jürg fuyûzui Zurmühle and Thomas Hari Würmli and myself felt very priviledged to be playing with Andreas for the first time on that evening.

The organiser Mr. Marc Widmer of Natural Healing is very happy that the concert went really well and that we are going to be able to make a Donation to the families of the earthquake victims. This money will be handed over by Donghua Li, Marc Widmer and myself on next Friday, 4th July at the International Swiss Red Cross (IFRC) Offices in Geneva.

With my kindest wishes,
Yours Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Donghua Li and Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Donghua Li, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Andreas Vollenweider


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