• Neo Ouija Newsletter 11 / 2008

    29 Nov 2008, 11:58 by filarion

    Welcome to the November edition of the Neo Ouija Newsletter.

    Last month saw the release of Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5 as well as the relaunch of Neo Ouija. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, the reviews and reception so far are glowing. We're not going to stop here though, the next few months will see Neo Ouija ramping up the activity with a flurry of both new releases and re-releases of classic and long out-of-print Neo Ouija material. Additionally, some exclusive festival appearances are scheduled for 2009.

    Cottage Industries 5 Release Party

    On Friday, November 14 we celebrated Neo Ouija's first release after the label's relaunch. The party was a blast, thanks for everyone that came out and danced until way past 4 am.

    Here are the livesets as free downloads:

    Nosral Flow : link
    Deer : link
    Wesen : link (only the first 90 minutes of the 3-hour-set unfortunately)

    Upcoming Events

    Neo Ouija will be part of Club Transmediale's official program…