Who am I?


6 Oct 2006, 17:57

Who I am?

I'm 28 y/o from Luxembourg, and making music since I'm 17.

I started into Punkrock and Emo... (I think most of us had such a time;) )

When I moved to Brussels in 2000 I founded a Trip-hop Project called "Bluediving"... This band was very very promising... but splitted after some time. Bluediving even played a gig in Luxembourg at Art in Beaufort in 2001.

Then I turned back into Rockmusic...in a frenchrock band called L'AUTRE FUSION which I consider today as a loss of energy and time, coz of the narrow minded guitarists that kept the band from evolving.

Few months later I put the singer of L'Autre Fusion and the guitarist of Bluediving together to found a reggae ska project called "MADRAS". This sounded a lil bit like Manu Chao vs Noir Desir. We had a lot of fun doing this. But after a year singer and guitarist didn't get along very good anymore. The Jam Sessions set up at the sixt floor of a sea-view appartment in Nieuwpoort at the belgian coast were and remain legendary.

My first steps into electronic music were done as bassist of the electro-rockers "EMRYLD" - a Brussels-based semi pro band. Check them on myspace www.myspace.com/emryld. Emryld is about to release their second CD. The year I spent with Emryld was an amazing experience, that did more than prepare my path into electronic music.

In september 2004 I had to leave Brussels and moved to Neuchâtel in Switzerland.
I founded "The Chill Conspiracy" (on last.fm) together with a wonderful singer and an excellent DJ & co-producer. The Chill Conspiracy is actually looking for a label. ;)

There are lots of other projects and ideas turning around my head. Two are more solid: Collaborations with the CYBERPIPER and PORN AGAIN.

Check back soon to get the latest news!!!


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