Out now! Fine China Superbone - Make-Machine (cd / free mp3)


23 Sep 2010, 13:10

Fine China Superbone’s core business is the guitar riff. On Make-Machine, an impressive load of vicious riffs is being fired at the listener relentlessly in six pieces of instrumental noiserock. Thundering drum rolls, movie samples and keyboards complete the setting that brings infamous noise- and mathrock bands like Dazzling Killmen and Don Caballero to mind. Guitarists Wiebe and Joeri, bassplayer Bas and drummer Robert (who also plays in Organisms) are three-quarters The Hague and one-quarter Rotterdam and have been going since before Y2K. Their debut release How Long Is a Chinese saw the light of day in 2002, gaining rave reviews from Dutch magazines such as Oor and Fret. The following seven years were spent drinking wine, raising kids, finishing degrees, buying houses and eventually writing and recording Make-Machine at Next to Jaap Studio, run by Dutch indie-legend Corno Zwetsloot. Dutch artist Zeloot provided the beautiful cover artwork for Make-Machine.

With the release of Make-Machine, Narrominded further expands the most noisy part of its catalogue, represented by bands as Boutros Bubba, Katadreuffe, Makazoruki and Quarles van Ufford. Later this year, Narrominded will also release a new album of noiserock veterans Gone Bald.




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