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Representing groovy grindcore, deathcore, goregrind, gorecore, whatever other genre you feel you need to make up to sound elite.

Bringing back the glory days of being a musical gorehound.

If you’re infatuated with gore, zombies, horror / low budget independent B-movies, splatterfilms, then we got a moshpit for you.

NAIL001 - Festerfuck - An Audio Recollection of Detestible Erectional Misadventure
NAIL002 - Cannibal Accident - Omnivorous
NAIL003 - Cannibal Accident - Lennu 7”
NAIL004 - Chestburster - The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror

NAIL005 - Tennessee Murder Club - Human Harvest
NAIL006 - FXVX - Epoophany
NAIL007 - Siftercide - Self Titled
NAIL008 - False Pregnancy - Dance Your Meat Off!!! - send us something interesting.

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