• Gravity

    10 Feb 2010, 10:09 by MoonwolfRecords

    At the first of January this year we have released the first solo album of Igor Paspalj (former lead guitarist of the the progressive metal band Heaven Rain): Gravity.

    For those of you who haven't bought his album yet, it's available at all major webstores including iTunes, Amazon, Nokia Music and of course we got it cheaper at our own webstore and you can listen to it for free here at Last.fm.

    Thanks for all the support and feel free to get in touch!

    Buy Far And Forever + Gravity (€22.19)
  • Far And Forever out now!

    4 Jul 2008, 05:14 by MoonwolfRecords

    It's exactly 5 months ago that Heaven Rain was signed by our label and it was about 4 months ago that we sent the band into the studio to record their first album. Now the wait is finaly over...

    The new album Far And Forever is out!

    Go get it in a store near you or go straight to iTunes or Amazon and buy it online!

    Also make sure to check the official website frequently for more information about the upcoming tour:


    We spoke with Goran Bastinac a couple days before the release about the formation of Heaven Rain. Goran is the keyboard-player and founder of Heaven Rain and he wrote all the music and most of the lyrics for Far And Forever.

    When was Heaven Rain formed?

    Goran: I started with Heaven Rain in the summer of 2006 when I started recording the instrumental track Rain Will Fall Again in my home studio. But the ideas for Heaven Rain were already living inside my head for a long time. …