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In August 1993 Varg Vikernes of Burzum was arrested for the murder of Øystein Aarseth of Mayhem resulting in no label wanting anything to do with Varg. He took the task of releasing his next album himself but being in prison it wasn’t easy to run a worldwide distribution. That made one fan with the name Tiziana Stupia upset and she started to contact different labels to get them to release his album “Det Som Engang Var” until one answered her «If it is so important to you that these Burzum albums are released, why don’t you do it yourself?» and she started Misanthropy Records to do just that. She made a contract with Varg and in early 1994 the first Misanthropy Records release was out. Misanthropy was not planned to do more than just release that one album but the response to it was so big she decided to continue Misanthropy Records. She released two more Burzum albums and then started to sign other bands. She only signed bands she liked herself and that was original and had something special she could relate to, significant bands such as In the Woods…, Ved Buens Ende and Arcturus. The label quit it’s operation in the start of 2000 so Tiziana Stupia could pursue her carrier as a pagan priestess.

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