Celestine - At the Borders of Arcadia - PREORDERS AVAILABLE!


21 Apr 2008, 17:18

Celestine's debut, At the Borders of Arcadia is now available to preorder at Milkweedrecords.com. You can snag yourself a copy for a mere $6.00. All preorders will ship no later than the release date of May 20th, 2008. The first 150 orders will include a bonus Celestine sticker.

Aren't convinced that this album has what it takes to not only become one of your favorites, but to smash your face to a bloody pulp? Check out the review below, stream the entire album via Last.fm, and watch the band perform live in the following Youtube clip. You will be convinced.

Excerpt from a review of the CD:
Expect loads of nastily churning detuned power chords, chugging rhythms, and low-end throbs accented by tactfully executed caustic/chaotic guitar textures and completely ripping vocals that tear forth with some genuinely pained 'n' strained grit. There's a hint of discordant melody tucked amidst the dense force of their attack, but they're not afraid to venture out into some straight up clean/acoustic atmospheres either - at times utilizing smatterings of loose ambient effects and such to round out the mix and create a more enveloping sound. - Aversionline.com


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