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Showcase for new and original music, soon to fuse with and represent the online music of everyone at Big Untidy.

A little cyber-collective of bands, singer-songwriters, music projects and multi-media artists in several countries, including several families and their friends. Every now and then some or all of them get together to play, perform and record. Lots more to come, this is the beginning. The new site is being developed, in the meantime enjoy a taster here on

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  • needmymusictoda

    I love each and every one of you. your music means a great deal to me. Although I have started to put songs in a playlist, I never really took mp3's I didn't think I would have to, I just always knew where to go. I would like to consider myself as not selfish I believe this is true, EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC- I cannot imagine my life without it. Music is extremely important to me. In any event, I would really appreciate it if I could please take some of the free mp3's. I cannot purchase every song and cd at this time, I will do my best to reimburse everyone to the best of my ability, I also realize that there is no possible way for me to do this sufficiently. I can however Thank You all from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully that is a start. So, thank you all very much again - Gregory

    April 2010
  • bullhead_melvin

    i was wondering if you could check out my music and tell me what you think

    March 2010
  • lucindalight

    Check out this YouTube link for a new acoustic song by Clio, it won't be up for long:

    November 2009
  • Foogou

    By way of Lucindalight, thought I'd come and have a listen. Glad I did. Some good diverse projects here. My favourite is "Rain" by Summit Of Nothing" at them moment, but I'll be returning to check out more. "From pop to psychedelic, indie to IDM, avant-garde to ambient...arty to farty. Somewhere between noise and music"

    November 2009
  • lucindalight

    Check out our new band: Darrell Mitchell & The Occasional Orchestra, and Clio's new song, a cover of MGMT's Kids.

    October 2009
  • lucindalight

    Hey friends, there's new tracks from some of our artists on the way soon in 2009, plus the brilliant Original Motives!!

    January 2009
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