• DJ Earthian - Te-Nos EP - Available Now!

    12 Jul 2010, 11:20 by ChrisDiz


    1. Te-Nos
    2. Skrower
    3. Te-Nos (5:4 Dubbed Mix)
    4. Te-Nos (Kife Remix)


    DJ Earthian is half of successful duo Animaltek. He was born in Azerbaijan, spent some time growing up in Israel and now lives in New York. He's had releases on Treibstoff, WIR, Resopal and of course Living Records.

    For his debut solo release on Living he brings us a slightly tougher sound with sights set firmly on the dance floor. That said, there's no loss of the obsession in the refinement of sound and trademark melodic and atmospheric textures.

    is a solid chugger with insistent bass line and lovely chewy synth hook. is kinda more cheeky. It has a real shoulder bounce, head nod quality to it - but maybe that's just the way I dance...

    The , as the remix name might suggest is dubbed out and in an intriguing 5/4 time signature. The track really works with the "extra" beat, in fact I think I've fallen in love with 5/4 dub bass lines.
  • Tolga Baklacioglu - Blues EP - Out Now!

    30 Mar 2010, 09:59 by ChrisDiz


    1. I Blues
    2. You Blues (dub KULT Remix)
    3. You Blues


    Blues EP takes blues influenced samples and combines them with house, tech-house and minimal. Coming from Turkey - where East meets West makes Tolga Baklacioglu the right man for the job of fusion. His background of Blues trumpet shines through here as does his love of electronic music and various club residencies around Turkey.

    I Blues is looped up, funky and comfortably trippy. It's a fantasticly solid club track with enough interest for the head nodders in the house.

    You Blues is even more groovy, less loopy and maybe a little more melodic. There's a real smooth richness to the production and infectious swing to the syncopation. The subtle breaks thrown in here and there give the track a real nice old school feel.

    Dub Kult was taken aback by the wealth of material sent to him for the remix of You Blues. Barely using a quarter of the samples or stems the result is a stripped down…
  • HRDVSION - Right In EP ... Available now at all good music sites!

    18 Jan 2010, 13:40 by ChrisDiz


    1. Right In
    2. Peap Svm I Hsim I
    3. Come On Dance Your Ass
    4. Oh, It's Mastered


    Living in a musical home, filled with scads of legit instruments, threw Nathan Jonson into the dark disturbing world of HRDVSION, an alter ego that would from an early age feed his insatiable interest in abusing sound.

    Few people appreciated Nathan’s music when he began performing it to “living” audiences... so, feeling discouraged he quit like a baby.

    Over 2 years and a few computers later, he built up his courage again to a level that would permit him to perform live at the birthday rave of his brother, techno legend Mathew Jonson.

    He thought that... just maybe the world’s musical tastes had caught up to his wizardry after such a long hiatus. Now, even cockier than before, he assaulted the crowd with noisy Drum and Bass and destroyed a Britney Spears track, to everyone’s horror. …
  • dub KULT - I Know You Want Me - New Release Available For Download Now!

    26 Nov 2009, 11:35 by ChrisDiz


    I Know You Want Me


    This EP brings together elements of different sounds. Dub Kult thinks of the main tracks as "booty step" - an unlikely combination of classic Chicago booty house and London dubstep, with an underpinning of Berliner minimal techno, of course.
    I Know You Want Me is about the interplay of masculine and feminine. The arrogance of the male voice chant is counterplayed with the testing nature of the female voice insisting that he doesn't have a clue. Perhaps the guy is naive, perhaps his confidence will win her over. But then she comes in with the killer line - "I feel so sorry for you!" Who will win? Well... it turned out to be painfully prophetic with the break up of dub KULTs relationship, especially as the vocals are her voice! Well at least there's a massive filthy bassline to make up for it.

    Booty Snatch borrows a little more from the booty side of things…
  • Vadim Lankov - Forcefield EP - Now Available!

    28 Sep 2009, 10:25 by ChrisDiz


    Vadim Lankov, the electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia, has been solidly knocking out tracks since 2006. His debut on Living Records brings us an exciting mix of skippy beats, cut up sound design and wigged out riddims.

    The title track, Forcefield, is a perfect example of Vadim's unique style of solid production, mad sounds and a wigged out groove that somehow keeps the booty shaking. Expectation is a bit more four to the floor but the energetic bassline and off kilter percussion keeps the interest high and the dancefloor moving. When it drops into the second half you can expect Expectation to send the dancers dotty! BIG track this one. Pitchbitch is my personal favourite with its phat beat, one note drone for a bassline, scatty FX and irreverent, highly tweaked vocals, it presses all the right buttons. White There is a bit of a classic sounding tracky track. Well, until the huge break down with demented horns lands, then all kinds of spooky hell breaks loose.
  • New Release! Jurek Przezdzeicki - Grotesque Song EP!

    3 Sep 2009, 09:58 by ChrisDiz

    With releases already on Cocoon and Trapez, Warsaw born Jurek Przezdziecki is going from strength to strength on the scene.

    His unique sound and top class production is nicely exhibited here on his debut release for Living Records. The title track, grotesque song, is an exuberant, edgy number with lush, bouncy bass nicely counterpointed with stabby, harsh yet beautiful synths and engaging melodic elements. Like Something is deeper and crisper while maintaining a good dancefloor energy about it. The wiggy, rubbery bassline is fantastic - I just can't get enough of it and the dubby FX set it off nicely. Leafless Arboretum is a dramatic cut with moody, melodic, echoing synth stabs cutting edge sound design textures and an insistent bassline. Lovely stuff. Absolutely Nothing is a real BONUS of a track with a classic tracky feel, loopy bassline and rather quite odd and stunningly effected vocals - indeed, all contact with the flowers is forbidden!
  • LIVING010 - Lars Wickinger is out now!

    21 Jul 2009, 10:05 by ChrisDiz

    The mysterious yet prolific Berliner Lars Wickinger returns to Living Records with this fantastic new EP. Three solid yet mesmerising and catchy dancefloor tracks. Since his last visit to the label Lars has been refining his sound even further. Releasing on more trendy labels than you can shake a stick at and even investing in real life hardware! Oh yes hardware! Remember that?

    The awkwardly titled Alicia @ The Wonderland is a tight, rolling, pleasing tease of a song that finally delivers in superb style - one you have to play all the way to the end! When that vocal drops, oh my, dancefloor craziness for sure. Greenland is a tight bouncy number with an infectious groove and well placed vocal snatches and more than forgivable sax samples. The Swing Side Of The Moon somewhat lives up to its name with it's swinging dark vibe - perfect B2 material. Classy stuff all the way through.